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Dr. Jiang (founder): Chinese-American U.S. Medical Doctor. In the United States has more than 20 patents, was awarded the United States Los Angeles, California (LosAngeles) Gold patented invention, and won several international awards. Its made ​​for infants and young children grow up a lot of contributions. Currently preparing infant congenital Fund, to the younger generation, Dr. Jiang has been working to the benefit of the baby. Good Care by Dr. Jiang bottle in the United States in the 1990s developed a baby bottle, the bottle itself, the particularity of a mother who has been recognized among the best in the U.S. market, the U.S., two Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office patents.

Good Care Bottle: U.S. patent, the production of raw materials used health safety level PC / PP silicone manufacturing, suction pressure in the liquid state in the bottle with insulation. Unique in the world of the bottle, the appearance of novel subverts the traditional bottle of style, structure, new cleaning methods, detachable bottle, to clean up no dead ends. Baby milk can be taking any position, without the rise of the neck relaxed, milk will not spill or wet clothing. When not taking milk will not flow, to avoid the milk into the ear and cause inflammation, but also to avoid causing the baby to sleep due to suffocation, to reduce the liquid in the mouth and into contact with the teeth to prevent tooth decay at the same time to generate, but also be able to completely avoid swallowing air caused hiccups, bloating and abdominal pain. And eliminating the need for bottles with addition of straw and straw in connection with the weight hanging beads, mother convenient, easy baby. Taking an independent and free baby milk, mother feeding easy and save time. "GOODCARE" bottle with the baby grow!

Good Care Baby printing using non-toxic metal content in Germany, no aromatic solvents, no VOC, security control at 100%.

Good Care Baby printing using non-toxic metal content in Germany, no aromatic solvents, no VOC, security control at 100%.

Stanley kong's good-care feeding bottle

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Method using double-sided concave shape, the bottle can be independently designed and easy to drink milk shake hands

Not to the burden of feeding a mother, mother feeding easy, healthy growth of baby

Bottle with full insulation, the temperature of the baby does not have to worry about

PC material at high temperatures, the release of double A, milk bottle is not full contact with the PC completely avoided

Milk bags made ​​of pure natural silica, non-toxic, odor-free

Perfect demolition and design, completely clean up dead and easier to clean, healthier baby

The rise of milk without taking any position


PC products at a certain temperature, will release bisphenol A, impact of the baby to grow healthy, the fragile glass products, security is not high, PES and PPUS into production not long, feeding the baby need to lift the neck, affecting the baby's development infant feeding air into the stomach will, causing the baby Yinai have flatulence occurred

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Good-Care Products Inc. R & D design and production of multi-sucking pacifiers, U.S. patent products, pacifier sucking break through the traditional use of a single function, fasten the bottom of the lid, you can calm your baby's emotions, healthy development of the baby body. Open the bottom lid, use a straw and bottle connection, baby pacifier sucking can by taking liquid milk or fruit juice, easy to use, efficient, and make feeding baby easier. Whether the baby in the stroller or when traveling in the car, or family members have important work to do when, Good care multi-sucking pacifiers can help you to take care of the baby. Sucking, the milk will flow, do not smoke, milk will not flow. Disinfection is more secure, fully meet the full range, to avoid the baby pacifier sucking saliva flow, resulting in bacteria, affect the baby's health

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Organized infant congenital Fund


Each year, over 10 million children die totally preventable causes. Some of these children's deaths from pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria and other diseases directly caused the death; other children's deaths are indirectly by the conflict and AIDS causes. More than half of these children are dying from malnutrition, poor hygiene and lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. Two-thirds of newborn and child deaths - more than 6 million per year - can be avoided. Each year 500,000 women die due to pregnancy, childbirth, or the majority die within a few days after birth. New ways to save lives
Existing low-cost, low technology and high effectiveness of the interventions such as vaccines, antibiotics, micronutrient supplement, insecticide-treated bednets, improved breastfeeding practices and to take safety and health measures, can prevent unnecessary maternal and child deaths and reduce malnutrition.
By providing a package of services and large-scale high-performance, heavy evidence of maternal, newborn and child survival interventions, we can save millions of lives. By ensuring that all children have access to basic education, and focus because of poverty, AIDS, conflict and discrimination and marginalization of children, we can break the line between life for children in the cycle of poverty.

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Patent No.:ZL 99803252.2

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