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All-In-One Feeding Bottle

Baby girl
Manufacturer: Good-Care Products Inc.
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All-In-One Feeding Bottle


1. Attach soft silicone pouch to bottle screw top and secure tightly to upper holder

2. Screw cap tightly to upper holder

3. Secure soft silicone pouch into bottom holder

4. Attach breakthrough tube through one end of cap and bottom of nipple

Directions for Use:

* Unscrew cap from upper holder

* Pour warm or cold liquid into soft silicone pouch, then screw cap tightly

* Gently squeeze soft silicone pouch while pinching nipple with thumb and forefinger to get rid of air

* Snap soft silicone pouch into bottom holder, then ready for use


This unique baby bottle features a feeding tube attached to the pacifier and silicone pouch that contracts as your baby feeds, which helps prevent air from mixing with milk as it flows smoothly. This feature helps reduce colic, spit-up,burping and gas. Mom relaxes while baby feeds! Hands-free feeding allows mom to read to baby, talk with friends on the phone or just relax in bed with baby!

To Clean:

Wash all parts in warm soapy water with bottlebrush and rinse thoroughly before using.If necessary boil for sterilization. Never place in microwave. Never pour hot liquids into pouch.


* Do not boil in hot water or wash in dishwasher

* Do not heat in electric bottle warmer, sterilizer, or microwave oven.

* Test nipple strength by pulling on the bulb portion. Replace nipple if it becomes tacky,cracks or tears

* Before warming liquid in bottle, put pouch in holder, then immerse into warm water. Do not immerse into hot water

* Do not try to pull the pouch

* Do not put child’s finger in bottom holder hole

* Parents are advised to monitor baby while feeding. Do not leave baby unattended

* Do not attach string to pacifier and tie around babies neck to prevent strangling hazard

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