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Manufacturer: Good-Care Products Inc.
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1. Attach nipple to pacifier holder

2. Tightly screw base cover to bottom of pacifier holder

3. Secure closing cap of base cover

Directions for Use:

* Attach nipple to pacifier holder

* Screw base cover tightly to pacifier holder


Unique and advanced design that offers convenient assemble and dissemble features for an easy clean for mom. The natural silicon nipple is shaped to imitate mom and designed to improve natural growth development of teeth and gums.


Good-Care Products Inc. R & D design and production of multi-sucking pacifiers, U.S. patent products, pacifier sucking break through the traditional use of a single function, fasten the bottom of the lid, you can calm your baby's emotions, healthy development of the baby body. Open the bottom lid, use a straw and bottle connection, baby pacifier sucking can by taking liquid milk or fruit juice, easy to use, efficient, and make feeding baby easier. Whether the baby in the stroller or when traveling in the car, or family members have important work to do when, Good care multi-sucking pacifiers can help you to take care of the baby. Sucking, the milk will flow, do not smoke, milk will not flow. Disinfection is more secure, fully meet the full range, to avoid the baby pacifier sucking saliva flow, resulting in bacteria, affect the baby's health.


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